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Summer Reading 2020 Staff Picks

Summer is winding down, and, although this hasn't been a normal summer by any stretch of the imagination, we still found time for a few sweet summer reads. Here are our staff favorites of Summer 2020. Saga "My husband and I read the whole series together during the first few weeks of quarantine. Following along as a young family flees across the universe, enduring impossible odds, was a good way to escape and put our own lives in perspective. It's also wildly entertaining." -- Shauna The Sword in the Stone "This tale of Wart and Merlin can be…

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Explore Lebanon

Last week, a tragic explosion in Beirut killed hundreds and left thousands injured. We know that books are one of the best ways to learn about other cultures and develop empathy for others. Here is a list of recommendations from staff member Shauna with titles that can help you explore the beauty of Lebanese culture.   Rose water & orange blossoms : fresh and classic recipes from my Lebanese kitchen I discovered this cookbook in our collection recently, and it is one of my recent favorites. Phenomenal recipes created by a Lebanese-American who grew up in Michigan.   The Hakawati An enchanting novel with…

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Fun with Temporal Mechanics

With Palm Springs getting so many great reviews on Hulu, we thought we should call out some of our favorite movies that smash the time/space continuum.¬† Here's a list of librarian Tekedra's favorite picks:   Groundhog Day This is the original stuck in a time loop movie. I love this movie because the concept begins like a terrible practical joke and ends with the actual change in a person's personality. It's silly and kind of profound.     The Lake House I'm not that into Romantic movies, but it's a Keanu/Sandra Bullock movie that feeds my secret need for a Keanulock ship.   Back to the Future…

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