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Communication in a Digital World

Feeling fatigued by social media? While digital technology has opened many new doors for interaction, it has also changed Hot and Mean Lesbians – My Lesbian Doctor with Alena Croft & Val Dodds- free video 03 – sex,lesbian,teenthe way we communicate that in some cases makes effective and genuine conversation exhausting. Here is a series of titles to help and inspire meaningful communication with friends, loved ones, and strangers.

In this book, the author takes us through how to better understand our interactions with strangers, and not only understand possible mistakes but also how to solve them.

Struggling with difficult conversations? The author of Presence focuses on how to instill confidence in yourself in order to tackle tricky situations.

With plenty of humor, this book recounts the author’s journey to better communication and suggests possible solutions for its readers.

This book discusses the effects that social media has on our communication with others and how to work toward what the author considers to be the answer: Empathy.

Ever wonder why people respond differently to the same situation? “The path between us” uses the Enneagram system to give the reader insight into how best to communicate with different personality types.

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