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Coping with Diabetes for Kids

Books to help children understand diabetes.

This book gives kids the tools they need to take charge of their health and understand what it means to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Plenty of people you know need a diabetes-aware diet. Get the scoop on what a diabetes-aware diet means, and check out all the great food you can eat on this special diet.

Maddie is nervous about returning to school after receiving her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, but with her family and friends supporting her, she discovers that life is still sweet. Includes author’s note and list of resources.

A tale published in cooperation with the American Diabetes Association follows little Caillou’s friendship with a classmate whose Type-1 diabetes requires her to eat a careful diet and practice daily health-management techniques.

Learn how people with diabetes manage the condition in their everyday lives and how medical advances are improving the outlook for people with the condition.

This book gives children an in-depth look at diabetes and provides them with the tools for a healthy life.

Gives readers a look into the lives and abilities of people who have type 1 diabetes, as well as the challenges they face. Learn how medications and special tools such as insulin pumps help people manage their type 1 diabetes.

Living with Diabetes features fictional narratives paired with firsthand advice from a medical expert to help preteens and teenagers feel prepared for dealing with diabetes during adolescence. Topics include causes and risk factors, treatment and management, diet and nutrition, potential complications, dealing with social issues, and resources and support.

This book introduces readers to how type 1 diabetes affects the body, explores its symptoms, and explains how to treat it. A valuable resource for readers learning to deal with type 1 diabetes, or who have loved ones with diabetes.

Diabetes may be a familiar word, although you may not understand the disease or its two different types. But the more you know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes, the better equipped you will be to understand this disease. Be inspired by true stories from youths who have experienced diabetes in their own lives and how they live with the condition.

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