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Fun with Temporal Mechanics

With Palm Springs getting so many great reviews on Hulu, we thought we should call out some of our favorite movies that smash my free cams – Toy blowjob pov. Live cam on 143CAMS.COM – teen, sexy, hotthe time/space continuum.  Here’s a list of librarian Tekedra’s favorite picks:

man waving from inside a clock

Groundhog Day

This is the original stuck in a time loop movie. I love this movie because the concept begins like a terrible practical joke and ends with the actual change in a person’s personality. It’s silly and kind of profound.

woman looking over her shoulder next to a man with his eyes looking downward

The Lake House

I’m not that into Romantic movies, but it’s a Keanu/Sandra Bullock movie that feeds my secret need for a Keanulock ship.

a young man looks at his wtch while standing next to a car with tiretracks of fire

Back to the Future Trilogy

I don’t think you can have a list on time travel WITHOUT the Back to the Future movies.

black and white image of a bald man with a red light in place of his left eyeball

12 Monkeys

A twisty, bizarre, thoroughly entertaining movie.

man and woman in old-timey clothes sit on the seashore

Somewhere in Time

Okay, so remember how I said I didn’t like romantic movies very much. This is a heavy exception. It’s schmaltzy and mushy and terribly saccharine…and I have to admit, I loved every minute of it.

woman smirking while holding a key

Peggy Sue Got Married

This movie is one of the few Nicolas Cage movies that I will admit to liking, probably because Kathleen Turner is in it. She is great.

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