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Introducing: Auto-Renewals!

Starting October 1, 2020, materials checked out on your card will automatically renew before their due date, saving you time and potentially late fees from our partner libraries.

Your items will auto-renew if:

  • The item does not have other holds
  • The item has not reached its limit of 2 renewals
  • Your account does not have blocks preventing renewals
  • It is an item that is eligible for renewals

When do auto-renewals occur?
Auto-renewals will occur 3 days before an item’s due date. You will still receive your full loan period, as the renewal period is added at the end of the original loan.

What if an item doesn’t auto-renew?
If an item cannot be renewed, you will receive a due date reminder by your chosen notification method (email, text or phone). Please return items by the due date so that other library patrons can enjoy them and to avoid accruing late fees from other libraries.

Remember, Taylor Community Library is a FINE FREE library. We do not charge late fees on any of our items, but items that are over 2 weeks late will be marked as lost in our system until they are returned.

Questions? Call us at 734-287-4840 or contact us online.