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It’s a Race! A Race to Reading!

Spring break is right around the corner, and school will be out for a week. It will be a great time to recuperate, but also an opportunity to catch up on some reading! Whether it’s for you or your preschool or school age child, we have just the thing to get you started. We, here at the Taylor Community Library, are pleased to announce Race to Reading! 

What is Race to Reading? It’s a reading “sprint” for kids, and a reading “marathon” for teens and adults. For kids, to complete the race they must read 26 books, starting on March 26th and ending on April 4th and record the books on their race sheet. For adults and teens, the race goes until the reader can finish 26 books and has turned in their sheet. Sheets can be picked up at the library, through our Curbside service or via Home Delivery.

Each child who completes their race will be awarded a small prize upon turning in their completed sheet.The first reader to finish and turn in their sheet, for adults, teens and kids, will receive a special gift bag with exclusive TCL items. 

Now, you may be thinking “That’s a lot of books!” so we’ve made a way for you to train and complete the race a bit easier with Book Bundles. These sets contain 26 books selected by staff for different age groups that can be read prior to the race or during. 

So, no matter your age, there’s a race for everyone, including the smallest of readers. Did you know that we have a reading program for kids under school age? It’s called 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, where a child must read (or be read to) 1000 before the start of their first year of school. If your child is registered for our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program, Race to Reading is a great way to check some books off your list. Not registered for 1000 Books yet? Use Race to Reading as a way to get started and reach your first 26 books in the program. 

So no matter your age, pick up a sheet, and a Book Bundle and Get Ready…Set…Read!