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Off the Beaten Genealogy Track

These books are not your expected “find your family records” advice books, but are ones that could stir and inspire by illuminating a specific time and/or place.

This timeline contains 1 page, complete with photos, illustrations, and brief explanation, for each of hundreds of events, people, and places that had a significant effect on Detroit and its residents through the last 300 or so years.

The author lists cross-sections of the diary of an early New England housewife and midwife, and after each cross-section, she shows much that can be learned about life, times, and character of the diarist.

If you are tracking a grandparent or great grandparent, chances are he or she lived through this summer, and this book will tell you how much more was going on than simply birth, marriage, and death.

This is an account of one of those mysterious events that never get proper credit for influence on people in ways small and great.

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