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TCL Staff’s Favorite Holiday Movies

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Or in this case, watching a nostalgic movie with the family! Check out some of our staff’s favorite holiday films.

“It’s a Wonderful Life: A family guy who has a real struggle sees the other options and realizes he has the best outcome.” -Stephanie

“A Christmas Story is one of my favorite Christmas movies because it still makes me laugh even after watching it a million times.” -Hailey

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is such a haphazard comedy of events, but in the end, it reminds us that the love of family prevails no matter how dysfunctional our families are.” -Barb

“Gremlins is the kind of movie that reminds you why Christmas puppies are never a good idea, especially when the puppy turns into a murderous creature if you feed it after midnight.” -Tekedra

“This is one of my favorite family holiday movies. Such a fun and funny movie!” -Pam

“Home Alone is THE wintery movie to me– all the holiday references, the pure fun of childhood, the goofy 90’s nostalgia.” -Shauna

“That magical wintery ending will always make me think of this movie during the holidays!” – Becky

“The Polar Express is one of my favorite holiday movies because of the music, the graphics, and the reminder that even when we grow older, to never forget the importance of child-like wonder and curiosity.” -Alicia

“The Santa Clause is a new-classic that combines the lore of Santa Claus with the comedy of fine-print legal jargon that forces you into a centuries-old fantastical career.” -Sarah

“Watching Rudolf makes me feel like a kid and brings back all the happy Christmas times I shared with my own children.” -Colleen

“Die Hard keeps me rooting, on the edge of my seat, for the cop, who against all odds, is trying to save his wife and other hostages during a terrorist takeover at a Christmas party.” -Barb

“The animation in this movie was cute and well done, and I really liked the new take they did on the storyline.” -Danie

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