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Transportative YA

Follow Feyre in this loose Beauty and the Beast retelling as she is kidnapped to the Spring Court in the land of Fae. The descriptions and world-building are so well done that you’ll think you’re really there.

Wicked Saints transports us to two countries loosely inspired by Russia and Poland. If the vivid descriptions of the world don’t hook you, this blood-drenched fairy tale surely will.

Travel to many different countries with Selah as she embarks on her journey to find her future husband in order to claim her right to her throne.

Furyborn is set in an immersive world of elemental magic, legendary godsbeasts, and cutthroat assassins that is told through two women’s points of view who live 1,000 years apart.

A Thousand Pieces of You not only transports us to different places, but we are also transported to different dimensions in time as Marguerite searches for her father’s killer.

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