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Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia for Children

More and more children are encountering dementia and its effects on their families. These books are designed to help children understand what’s happening to their loved ones.

Told in diary form, Oscar relates how his grandmother becomes less able to look after herself and enters a nursing home, with information about dementia to help children discuss their feelings and adjust to the changing relationship.

Although Alzheimer’s disease makes it difficult for Callie’s grandfather to remember things, his family keeps him occupied, and Callie’s special task is to help him enjoy playing the piano and singing favorite songs.

Fifth-grader Robbie is determined to stay out of trouble so that she does not worry her grandfather whose memory is failing and to make sure that she and her grandfather stay together as he is the only family she has left.

Features 11-year-old Joseph who expresses the fears and frustrations of living with an elder relative afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. Through this first-hand account of life with an ailing grandmother, this title teaches children about dementia, caring for ailing loved ones, and what it feels like to have a grandparent with a terminal disease.

Granny has to come live with Fini and her family because she needs to be watched, almost like a little child. She needs help dressing and washing, falls asleep underneath the kitchen table, and has a woman named Agatha that comes to care for her, like a babysitter. Fini is unsure of what to think of this “new” granny–she looks the same but she certainly acts like a completely different person.

With tenderness, sensitivity, and humor, Really and Truly explores the effect that Alzheimer’s disease has on a young boy named Charlie and his family.

Lately, Grandma has trouble remembering, and it makes Margaret sad until she learns about family love that endures even when memory does not.

Sharing beautiful mornings enjoying French toast and dog walks with his grandfather, little Noah is challenged to find ways to reconnect with him when the elder man’s memory is affected by Alzheimer’s.

What’s happening to Grandpa? by Maria Shriver

Kate learns that her grandfather has Alzheimer’s and tries to help him cope by creating a photo album to help his memory of his life.

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