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Women in politics – TV Shows

Even if you consider yourself someone who isn’t interested in politics, the government, or even current events this show that is about all of those things will still have you hooked.

The Good Wife looks at the professional career and personal life of Alicia Florrick when she resumes her career as a defense attorney after a very public sex and political corruption scandal lands her husband in prison.

You thought your obsession had come to end with the series finale of The Good Wife, but some of the characters you met before have returned with a spin-off show featuring even more legal and political issues.

This beautifully directed show will have you obsessed with the drama of the royal family, but also mind-blown when you realize it is all heavily based on real events throughout history.

Scandal takes the high drama of Grey’s Anatomy and puts a political twist on it. This show will have you binging it until it’s over.