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Library History


Since 1922, Taylor has been serving the community with library services.  In the beginning, access to books was provided by the Wayne County Bookmobile. It would visit Taylor on a regular basis providing books to the residents. 

Letters and reports were exchanged between Miss Dawson and Mrs. Koths about books to be brought to the library. The books came from Detroit Public Library via the Wayne County Library Service truck.

The library was a shelf or two in the Koth’s general store. Popular magazines are mentioned in at least one letter. Popular books seem to be Western and Northern books and books for 2nd and 3rd graders (but mysteries are not popular). Library supplies such as membership cards, stamping ink, rubber bands, date slips, stamps and envelopes are also requested.

1923 September 17: Report of visits to Taylor, Perrinsville, and Elm libraries and schools by Miss O’Neil and Miss McGlannon. Apparently, the visit was first to the library and then the school in each place, possibly distributing books at each location.

1929: The Taylor Center branch of the Wayne County library opened. 

1947: Short news articles reveal times for bookmobile to visit Dearborn and Taylor: Traveling Taylor Library times. Traveling Taylor Library (car pulling trailer with books) drove every two weeks between Dearborn, present day Dearborn Heights, and the Taylor Center area, starting in May and continuing through the summer and fall into November. Miss Katherine Ashley was the librarian in charge of the book vehicles.  

1953: The Taylor Center branch had outgrown the small building it was housed in and needed to expand, so the library moved to a larger building near Goddard and Telegraph.

1962 November:Once again, the community outgrew the library space, so the need for books and information was met with the opening of Library 1 on Goddard Road.

1966: Dearborn Heights attempts to annex part of Taylor Township, igniting much disagreement from citizens. Annexation is defeated in February 1967.

1968:  Taylor Township becomes the City of Taylor.  Richard Trolley, the Township Supervisor, becomes the Mayor of the City of Taylor, and Library #2 opens at Wick and Mortenview.  After opening, Library #1 and #2 were renamed to Alexander Papp Library and Richard J. Trolley Library to honor the men who were instrumental in their construction.

1968 October 13: Richard J Trolley Library is dedicated (21255 Wick Rd). This is the 2nd concurrent library building in Taylor. 

1983: The determination was made that the community would be better served by combining the two smaller libraries into one large library, and plans were drafted to combine the two libraries.

1985: Taylor Community Library building on Pardee Road opens to the public. The collections of the other two library buildings are combined in this one building.

Since that time, the library has continually improved the services it provides to the community and remains one of the top leaders in delivering information access in the downriver community.

2005: Linda Baum becomes Library Director.

2010: Theresa Powers becomes Library Director.

2015: The Wayne County library system is ended. Taylor’s library transitions to City of Taylor management. 

2016: Braille and Talking Books has a grand opening at the Taylor Community Library, facilitating service through the National Library Service for the Blind and Handicapped (now National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled).

2018 May: The National Library Service for the Blind and Handicapped, in Washington, D.C., names Taylor Community Library’s Braille and Talking Books as Advisory and Outreach Center of the Year for 2017. Assistant Director Vanessa Verdun-Morris and Braille & Talking Books’ AOC Librarian Sarah Roe travel to Washington, D.C. to attend the awards ceremony.

2018 July: Vanessa Verdun-Morris becomes Library Director.

2019: Bathrooms are remodeled and an additional family restroom is added in the Youth Area of the library.

2020: Remodeled Community Engagement rooms, sponsored by Wayne County Community College District, were ready to debut, but a worldwide pandemic shuts down library service from mid-March to mid-June, when the library begins offering curbside service. Automatic doors were installed before the curbside services resumed. Library events were hosted virtually.

2021: The library floors were replaced, and limited in-person events resumed until the pandemic began peaking again in late 2021. Early in 2021, the library began loaning technology kits that include a basic computer and internet access. The kits were obtained through an Improving Access to Information Grant.

2022 July: Matthew Pannkuk becomes Library Director.

Later this year, the library is scheduled to have a generator installed during this calendar year.


Meeting minutes and other library history