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Visionary Women of the World

The arts, sciences, music, spies, politics, and social movements…no field has been unchanged by women innovators. The books on this list introduce readers to fascinating women in both history and the present day. She caught the light by Kathryn Lasky Reach for the stars by reading about Williamina Fleming, who helped create a map of the universe for future astronomers. Sing, Aretha, sing! by Hanif Abdurraqib Learn about an incredible woman who raised her voice and helped spark a movement! Read the story of young Aretha Franklin, civil rights activist, and musical artist.…

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Scales & Tales

The books on this list feature reptiles having silly and heartwarming adventures, from joining families to solving mysteries. Betty the bearded dragon by Debbi Michiko Florence You might have heard of fostering dogs and cats, but did you know some people foster reptiles? That’s right, and that’s where we meet Betty, the new foster animal for Kaita’s family. Invisible lizard by Kurt Cyrus Hearing a voice but no one there? That’s the problem the animals have around Napoleon the chameleon. What is it going to take for him to get noticed? Read on…

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Alien Encounters

Looking for an out of this world read? Then look no further! Every book on this list features some sort of alien encounter. We've got green aliens, blue aliens, robotic aliens, and more. Aliens who want to destroy us and aliens looking for love or friendship. So keep on reading to find your next cosmic novel. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor She left her home for the stars, but found more adventure than she bargained for. A tense and intimate coming-of-age story in space. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green April May makes a video that shows her…

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Learning to Read: All Things “Animal”!

Beginning to read can be challenging, but this list of early readers contains stories about animals with bright pictures and simple sentences and words to help beginners. Martin and Chris Kratt: The Wild Life by Martin Kratt If you’ve ever seen Wild Kratts on PBS, try reading Martin and Chris Kratt: The Wild Life. With easy-to-read words, find out how two brothers made their love of animals into a lifetime career. Grumpy Monkey Get Your Grumps Out by Suzanne Lang Animals get angry just like people, but how do they make…

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Our New Youth Librarian’s Picture Book Favs

From new to old, silly to inspiring, this picture book list is a compilation of our youth librarian’s favorite stories. Great to read aloud together at any time of day, this list has titles sure to intrigue your little one. The Gruffalo Written by Julia Donaldson; Illustrated by Axel Scheffler Follow along with a little mouse as he explores the forest and meets the gruffalo, an unknown forest creature! The Gruffalo is full of catchy rhymes and mishaps making this book silly and fun, you’ll find you and your little one will be laughing by the end.…

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Brownie’s Galore!

Celebrate National Brownie Day (12/8) by baking a homemade batch for yourself or to share! From double fudge to smores, peanut butter to cheesecake, you can find the brownie recipe of your dreams in these cookbooks. The ultimate brownie book by Bruce Weinstein Weinstein's brownie recipe book has innovative ideas for Baked Alaska, Black Forest Cake, and even S'mores. With thousands of variations for each basic recipe, there's a lifetime of brownie recipes offered in this ultimate collection. B is for Brownie and ABC baking book by Caroline Wright Want to cook something up…

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