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Keeping Your Cool Going Back to School

This list of lower elementary titles encourages readers not to look at school as something scary, but as a new adventure full of new friendships, mischief, and learning.

Can a dog go to school? A great book for beginning readers, this book tells the story of one little boy’s dilemma of going back to school with or without his dog.

What does it mean to have school spirit and how can you find it if you’re dreading going back? Learn about the different ways to find school spirit around you in this beautifully illustrated book.

This book celebrates student’s differences and how they can sometimes be strengths, even the unlikeliest of them.

This chapter book is great for kids working toward reading on their own, so follow Emma as she learns to have fun in a stuffy old museum with her class.

Lola goes to school is a great read for first-time students. With colorful pictures, it tells the story of Lola’s first day of school.

There can be a lot of anxiety and questions about the first day of school for kids entering kindergarten, but Mo Willems adds a good dose of humor to these questions in The pigeon has to go to school!

Can you imagine what happens when a student is in charge of a whole classroom? Find out in Yasmin the teacher.

The animals from Click, Clack, Moo! are at it again! Only this time, their adventures take them to school, but just how much mischief are they in for? Find out in Click, clack, quack to school!

School is a wonderful place to meet new people with new perspectives, and Islandborn celebrates the uniqueness of each. After reading this book, you may even want to learn more about the cultures in your own classroom.

Going to school and meeting new friends can be an act of bravery that often begins with the first step. Encourage children to take that step with this beautiful book about reaching out and connecting with others.