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Learning to Read: All Things “Animal”!

Beginning to read can be challenging, but this list of early readers contains stories about animals with bright pictures and simple sentences and words to help beginners.

If you’ve ever seen Wild Kratts on PBS, try reading Martin and Chris Kratt:
The Wild Life. With easy-to-read words, find out how two brothers made their love of animals into a lifetime career.

Animals get angry just like people, but how do they make the anger go away? Jim Panzee is on a quest to “get his grumps out,” but will he succeed?

As these stories show, cats are not the only animals that love cardboard boxes. What will pig and fox do with their box? Read the three stories in A pig, a fox and a box to find out!

Nothing can stop the hero of this story from reaching her goal, even if she does have eight legs! Find out what happens when one small spider refuses to give up.

Read about the beginning of the most well-known mystery-solving canine around! While he’s helped the Mystery Gang take down many villains, find out how it all started.

What does a kid do when they need money for a new bike? According to Hank, you pet-sit, but as he and a friend are about to find out, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Read about the mischievous and lovable dog, Dante, from Disney’s Coco as a puppy! What misadventures does he have under his paws?

In this easy reader, Splat the Cat learns that some things are harder than they look, like ballet for example. Will it be curtain call for Splat or will he learn that there is value in learning new things? Read Splat the Cat and the obstacle course to find out.

This story has two friends, Pig and Cat. Pig makes art. Cat does not like the art. Will Cat have a change of heart? Read Pig makes art for some artistic fun!

Helping friends in need is an important lesson, and the two characters in this book, Hedgehog and Harry, learn that first hand. Read Let’s go swimming for a hilarious story with plenty of heart.