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Summer Reading 2020 Staff Picks

Summer is winding down, and, although this hasn’t been a normal summer by any stretch of the imagination, we still found time for a few sweet summer reads. Here are our staff favorites of Summer 2020.


“My husband and I read the whole series together during the first few weeks of quarantine. Following along as a young family flees across the universe, enduring impossible odds, was a good way to escape and put our own lives in perspective. It’s also wildly entertaining.” — Shauna

The Sword in the Stone

“This tale of Wart and Merlin can be appreciated by all ages for its adventure and sense of humor.” — Stephanie

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

“When a vampire terrorizes a small town by feeding on its children, it is up to the local women of a book club to bring his blood-sucking ways to an end. Beware of gore. LOTS of gore!” –Becky

Station Eleven

“Originally published in 2014, about a parallel timeline about a great pandemic that changes the world and a band of traveling actors keeping the arts alive. It just hits differently when read today!” –Sarah

Finnikin of the Rock

“Finnikin is on a long journey to a home he isn’t sure exists, and on the way, some surprisingly modern issues crop up: politics, discrimination, betrayal, and homelessness.” — Stephanie

Locke and Key

“This graphic novel series has magic, a portal to another dimension, and three brave protagonists all jumping off the page as you read.” –Hailey

The Revisioners

“I love stories surrounding ancestral connections within families and this one beautifully illustrates how the different the world is for black women within generations and how it’s really all the same.” –Tekedra

The Lions of Fifth Avenue

“Book thefts and family secrets set across generations, and all set around the best place in the world, the NYPL library @ 5th and 42nd :star-struck: Fiona Davis excels at historical, generational fiction!” –Sarah

Bug Boys

“This was a really cute graphic novel about two bug friends, Stag Beetle and Rhino Beetle, as they navigate adventures, friendships, new bugs, and life in general in the big world.” –Danie

A Very Large Expanse of Sea

“This book balances the harsh realities that hijab-wearing females face post 9-11 with a sweet romance and self-love.” –Becky

No Judgments

“A contemporary romance (set during a cat 5 hurricane, no less!) but with the flair, wit, and realness that Cabot brings to much of her work.” –Sarah

Batman: The Long Halloween

“is one of the greatest Batman stories ever written. It’s got action, mystery, complex characters; Basically everything that makes Batman great.” –Justin

Then She Was Gone

“Then She was Gone will have you compulsively turning the pages to find out what happened to Laurel’s daughter all those years ago.” –Becky

Parable of the Sower

“These books were really ahead of their time in dealing with social justice and religion and spirituality. It’s fascinating how many parallels I drew from this fiction to real life.” –Tekedra

Orange: The Complete Collection 1

“If you’re looking to get into manga, this is a great place to start. This story will grab you and not let go until you get to the end so be sure to have volume 2 on hand. TW: Suicide and bullying” –Becky