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WiFi Hotspots Now Available to Borrow for Taylor Residents

You want it, we got it. No internet? No problem. (Sang to the tune of Ariana Grande’s hit)

Taylor residents can enjoy reliable internet on-the-go with our Hotspot checkouts! Checkout our new Technology Training Kits and get a whole week of free internet connection ANYWHERE.

Hotspots are portable devices which use LTE connection to convert into a wi-fi signal that your laptop or smartphone can use, and can be useful in and out of the home.

Home internet has been inundated over this past year with many of us working and learning from home all day, stretching connections to the limit. Have you noticed your home wi-fi slow or lag due to multiple devices? Boost your wi-fi connectivity with our hotspots! Or have you been relying on your cellphone data to connect? Let our hotspots supplement your data plan!

Taking the internet with you also offers you piece of mind. Going on a trip and not sure of the internet situation there? Hotspots offer connection capabilities wherever you are. And while public internet networks are useful, there’s no guarantee your connection to them will be fast, reliable, or even safe. Mobile hotspots offer strong, secure internet access wherever you go.

Reserve a hotspot today! Give us a call at 734-287-4840 or click on our chat icon down below and we’ll put one aside for you.