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Escape Earth’s cold, by going Out of this World!

If you’re tired of the cold but bored with regular beaches and crowds, try going out of this world with one of the books on this list. No need to contact NASA about a shuttle, these books are your ticket to space!

What do you do if you don’t speak alien? Even if you don’t speak the language, leave it up to a cat to cause trouble for a group of extraterrestrial visitors.

Scheduled trips to outer space take a lot of planning, except when they aren’t planned. Follow the adventures of A.J. and his class as they are accidentally launched into space!

The moon is an unlikely place to find help, but a boy and a martian will have to work together or be stranded on the moon forever!

What does saving the galaxy have to do with ancient Egypt? One person, and her name is Cleopatra, but before she can save the universe, she’ll have to make it through Yasiro Academy. Her training is just beginning, read this book to find out just what it takes to be a time-traveling galactic hero.

Ever heard of the planet Caturn or Bloop? Let Astrid and Stella take you for a visit in this outrageous adventure, where the co-captains include a unicorn and a flying squirrel.

One step for humankind, and one giant leap for … crocodiles? Read about two friends, one human and one scaley, who will make it to the moon no matter the challenge!

Space is lonely, or is it? This story tells the tale of an astronaut looking for life on Mars, but will he find it, or is something dangerous lurking in the shadows?

This special board book folds out like an accordion with pictures of galaxies far, far away. Show your infant or toddler new worlds with this detailed and charming book.

This goofy and hilarious book follows the adventures of a special feline who must save the moon from … rats? That’s right, apparently the moon is made of cheese but will cat be able to stop the rats from eating the moon completely?

What happens when a cute new feline friend shows up at your door? Maybe it’s the sign of a fresh start, but there’s something different about him, could it be soft fur and silky whiskers? Or maybe, it’s that your new companion is also an intergalactic warlord seeking world domination. Could be that…Read the hilarious story of Klawde, and Raj, the human unfortunate enough to find him.