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Books for Ghost Hunters

Do you ever think the noises you hear in your house at night could be something paranormal? Do you think ghosts exist? Have you ever wanted to find out more about hauntings? Do you want to visit haunted places and search for paranormal activity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these books may be just what you’re looking for!

Follow along with one of the oldest ghost-hunting groups in Michigan: the SouthEast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society (SEMGHS). Journey through 13 investigations of cemeteries, a comedy club, library, business, hotel, theater, private home, and an old prison.

Takes readers on a journey into the supernatural world of haunted sites, restless souls, and messages from beyond the grave. This title shows readers how investigators use modern science to study a range of paranormal activity.

This spooky, entertaining collection of ghost stories has been drawn from the real-life files of the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), a group of investigators featured in the hit Sci-Fi Channel television show, “Ghost Hunters.”

Featuring expert advice on picking a haunted location, setting up cameras, and dealing with unwieldy ghosts, this book shows how today’s investigators use the tools of modern science to study a wide range of paranormal activity.

Is there anybody out there?” No matter how rationally we order our lives, few of us are completely immune to the suggestion of the uncanny and the fear of the dark. Written as grippingly as the best ghost fiction, A Natural History of Ghosts takes us on an unforgettable hunt through the most haunted places of the last five hundred years and our longing to believe.

Examines the history, folklore, science, technology, and personal experience of ghosts and hauntings, as well as the major themes in ghostlore. Featuring accounts of true cases, this book explores the different types of ghosts and hauntings and their possible explanations, as well as the major figures and groups involved in ghost research.

Provides a retelling of some of the most famous ghost stories in history through an overview of the spirits involved, those who sought the spirits out, the way the two worlds communicated with one another, and encounters with frightening poltergeists.

Written like a field guide to ghost hunting, the book introduces novice paranormal explorers to the history, techniques, and equipment used in the search for proof of life after death, or simply, ghosts.