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Hot on Hoopla: New eBooks for All Ages

Whether you’re participating in our Summer Reading or looking for a new book, check out these new releases on Hoopla without venturing out into the heat. You’ll find new books for adults, teens, and kids.

eBooks for Kids

Not all super-villains are scary and tough, some can be as simple as the bird perched outside your window. Better keep a close eye on that Chickadee, because it just might have a plan…

This whimsical story about life is told from the perspective of a small and unusual animal: the axolotl. What does life look like when you are so small? Read this book to find out!

What’s a scientist to do when there are pets disappearing left and right? Ada Twist, scientist, is on the case! Ada uses the scientific method to solve the mystery, but will it work or will more beloved animals vanish?

Sometimes what we hear but can’t see can be scary, but is it a monster? Find out once the mist clears in “Monsters in the Fog.”

Losing loved ones is hard, but you don’t have to heal alone. This story explores what it means to comfort one another as a community, and how people can grieve and heal together.

eBooks for Teens

Part detective story and part fairy tale, Rivers of London doesn’t remix traditional fairy tale characters, it creates a new world of them. This graphic novel follows two sisters working to save the world from a revengeful Victorian illustrator bent on retribution of crimes committed a century before.

What can a change of scenery in the summertime do for you? Two college students are about to find out during a summer trip where love and happiness just might be waiting for them in the lake house.

Vampire love stories are everywhere, but Heir of Fury and Betrayal has other plans for the heroine of its story. While Josephine doesn’t fall in love with a human or other creature, she must make one of another ultimate decision: save yourself or save your loved ones.

What can a little DNA change? If you’re Aspen, it can change everything. This story follows her journey to find her biological father and maybe learn a little about who she really is.

What do Greek goddesses and carnival merry-go-rounds have to do with one another? Turns out a lot actually, considering that mythical creatures are using it as a shelter until an evil enchantment. It took a goddess to create the curse, it’s going to take teenage Athena to fix it, or can she?

eBooks for Adults

Who knew early 20th century dinner parties could be so deadly? After a mysterious poisoning, a research assistant must beat the clock to find the toxin (and the culprit) before more than just one life is ruined.

A writer’s strange disappearance drives the mystery behind this book, and one woman is about to find out that reality can be stranger than fiction.

Enter a fantastic world where the powers of nature are bestowed to humans, but what happens when a blessing begins to become a curse? Read The Blessed and The Cursed to find out.

If you were unknowingly granted a way to write hit songs and get fame, would you take it? Even if it meant a life for a song? Killing Me Softly tells the tale of a spiral into depravity and murder, but how far is our musician willing to go to reach his musical and murderous destiny?

Old mansions and estates are typical places for a murder mystery, however this story’s tale unfolds not in halls of moldy wallpaper and lavish fireplaces but among stacks of books. The murderer could be anywhere, even sitting across the table from you.