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New Orleans in Books

To get you in the spirit to celebrate Mardi Gras, check out these titles which feature the iconic city of New Orleans.

Looking for a new perspective on one of the US’s most well-known cities? Check out Dan Baum’s “Nine Lives” which creates a picture of New Orleans using the stories of 5 individuals.

Looking for monsters in New Orleans? Anne Rice’s classic vampire novel takes place in the city and is the beginning novel of her well-known series.

This Pulitzer Prize winner is a classic story set within the backdrop of New Orleans.

This heartbreaking story explores a series of hardships experienced by a group of siblings, all in the days leading up to Hurricane Katerina.

New Orleans is a great setting for a bit of magic, as the book “City of Lost Fortunes” shows the reader. Jump into the story for magic, mayhem, and a man with an uncanny ability to find lost things.