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Our New Youth Librarian’s Picture Book Favs

From new to old, silly to inspiring, this picture book list is a compilation of our youth librarian’s favorite stories. Great to read aloud together at any time of day, this list has titles sure to intrigue your little one.

Follow along with a little mouse as he explores the forest and meets the gruffalo, an unknown forest creature! The Gruffalo is full of catchy rhymes and mishaps making this book silly and fun, you’ll find you and your little one will be laughing by the end.

The perfect book for the first day of school, especially if your little one is nervous about fitting in.

Make fry bread with Nana! A heartwarming family tale about Kevin’s childhood that comes with a recipe so you can try fry bread, too.

Meet Emile, who isn’t shy, he’s just quiet! If you have a quiet child, this book will surely make them feel heard.

Join Nevaeh and her community as they turn an abandoned piece of land into a beautiful garden!

Patchwork uses beautiful colors in the illustrations and celebrates the differences children might be nervous to show off. A book to let everyone know our differences are what makes us special.

A personal favorite as a little girl obsessed with the moon, this book teaches children the phases of the moon all while sharing a heartwarming story between a child and their dad.

Explore the Mississippi Delta and blues music on an adventure to find a missing dog. This book delivers catchy lines that you’ll want to sing aloud!

A great novel to start talking about one of the toughest things… our feelings! Feelings can get too big for all of us sometimes and this book shows us ways we can celebrate and process them in creative ways.

A young girl wonders where she is really from and her Abuelo shows her a place of love, remembrance, and celebration of everything that makes them special.