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Quiz Whiz

While quizzes can feel like homework, the early reader books in this list prove that learning to read isn’t just about recognizing words. These books do more than help with recognizing words, they also provide quizzes for reading comprehension. Each quiz is specifically made for the story and gives readers a chance to think about what they have read. Teach your child that reading can be fun and not just a chore by checking out one of the books below.

There’s a lot to remember when taking care of sheep, will Lee remember it all or will it turn out to be a baaaa-d day? Find out in Sheep on the run.

What does it mean to be big or little? Read about one silly fish who thinks he’s the biggest and finds out what it means to be big, bigger, and biggest.

The Dog and the Fox is a story about what happens when two unlikely characters meet.

Ever been to a new and strange place? The alien in Planet Odd has just discovered that very thing. Read this book to find out all the ways this new planet is odd.

Many types of birds sing, but have you ever heard a puffin sing? This funny book is filled with all kinds of bird noises, some pretty and some silly.

Who’s a more troublesome animal: A muddy dog or a hungry goat? This silly book tells the adventures of these two animals. After reading, you’ll have to decide which is more trouble.

Fishing is fun, but not when you catch everything but a fish. Find out what Jim catches in Jim and the Big Fish.

Bees love flowers, but how do they find them? Do they use a map? Read Buzz off, Bee to follow one on its mission to find the best flowers.

Puppies, kittens, and guinea pigs are popular pets for families, but a dragon? This hilarious story is about a boy who just wants a pet, even if it is scaly and fire-breathing.

What would you do if your robot wasn’t listening? Find out how Max fixes the problem in Bad Robot.