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Visionary Women of the World

The arts, sciences, music, spies, politics, and social movements…no field has been unchanged by women innovators. The books on this list introduce readers to fascinating women in both history and the present day.

Reach for the stars by reading about Williamina Fleming, who helped create a map of the universe for future astronomers.

Learn about an incredible woman who raised her voice and helped spark a movement! Read the story of young Aretha Franklin, civil rights activist, and musical artist.

Can’t settle on one trailblazing woman? Check out this collection of women writers and artists and their innovative achievements.

Ready to go on a secret mission? Learn about history’s top women spies and the missions and secrets they kept in Girl spies.

Art and science meet in this story about Maria Merian’s paintings of the life cycles of butterflies. Read about the creative woman who helped the world understand metamorphosis in The girl who drew butterflies.

All the women in this collection have one thing in common: no matter what obstacles were in their way, they did not give up on their dreams. Read about the true stories of these inspiring women and remember to never give up on what’s right!

Fearless, daring and brave: all words used to describe the 52 women in this book. Are you adventurous? Read about these real life women who did what seemed like the impossible in Women who dared.

Women have been pushing boundaries throughout history, and Wilma Pearl Mankiller was no exception. What did she do? Read about how Wilma Pearl Mankiller became the first woman Cherokee chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Speaking in front of others can be scary, but imagine speaking at an event as large as a presidential inauguration. That is exactly what Amanda Gorman did in 2021. With quirky illustrations, this book shares the story of America’s first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate.

There is no limit to the impact that women can make in the world, and Wangari Maathai’s story is one example. This courageous woman from Kenya, took a stand for what she believed in, and not only inspired others to care as well, but also showed the world what being brave and respecting the environment can do.