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A Literary Tour of: Ireland

Ireland is full of history and stories… and amazing accents! From serious to funny, if you’re aching for tales of the Emerald Isle, then pick up one of these books and transport yourself to this beautiful country.

Centered around the Maternity/Fever ward in a Dublin hospital during the 1918 pandemic, nurse Julie Power must care for her pregnant, influenza stricken patients as the hospital deals with more and more patients while the other nurses and doctors themselves fall ill.

Set in 1990s Northern Ireland, Country is a modern retelling of The Iliad that centers on The Troubles.

On an island off the windswept Irish coast, guests gather for the wedding of the year, until a guest is found dead… which really puts a damper on festivities!

Maybe don’t pull out a Ouija board in a cliffside, historical house that dates back to the Great Famine?

Set in the late 60s & early 70s, this story follows a middle-aged mother of 4 who is newly widowed, struggling to remake her life after the premature death of her husband.

Follow the sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking adventures of Cyril Avery, a young Irishman searching for belonging.

A poignant  story of mutual fascination, friendship, and love.

A funny, fierce, and unforgettable read about a young woman working a summer job in a shirt factory in Northern Ireland, while tensions rise both inside and outside the factory walls. (This might just fill that Derry Girls sized hole in your heart)!