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Holiday Movie Picks

Holidays are for families and classic movies! Here’s some of our favs so that you can spread some holiday cheer! Scrooged Bill Murray plays a miserly executive in this comedic play on the classic story “A Christmas Carol”. This is a hilarious spin on a classic tale A Christmas Story All he wanted was a Red Rider BB Gun, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! Check out this quotable classic about a boy and his quest to get the perfect Christmas Gift. …

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Movies

Celebrate AAPI month with ready-to-check out titles from our collection! Paprika This wild ride of a movie focuses on the power of the mind, and a mysterious device that falls into the wrong hands. What happens next? Check out Paprika to find out. Parasite Winner of an Oscar for Best Picture, Parasite is a masterpiece of tension and its impact on the relationship of two families. First Love First Love mixes a crime world with hints of comedy, to follow the story of two people just trying to escape…

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Fun with Temporal Mechanics

With Palm Springs getting so many great reviews on Hulu, we thought we should call out some of our favorite movies that smash the time/space continuum.  Here's a list of librarian Tekedra's favorite picks:   Groundhog Day This is the original stuck in a time loop movie. I love this movie because the concept begins like a terrible practical joke and ends with the actual change in a person's personality. It's silly and kind of profound.     The Lake House I'm not that into Romantic movies, but it's a Keanu/Sandra Bullock movie that feeds my secret need for a Keanulock ship.   Back to the Future…

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