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Garden Planning

If you — like me — are pumped about the start of a new gardening season, then these titles are for you! Everything you need to know about planning your garden along with stunning pictures. Check out the latest updates on our seed library to sign up for free seeds from our collection.

A Garden Can Be Anywhere

This book showcases how to add edible elements to your garden beds to create combinations that are beautiful and useful! Also includes an simple primer on how to start plants from seed.

Growing Perennial Foods

If you want to plant a low-maintenance garden that will come back year after year, this is the book for you. Showcasing 34 popular fruits, vegetables, and herbs with instructions for how to plant, grow, harvest, and enjoy them.

Gardening Your Front Yard

Looking to capitalize on your front yard for more gardening room? Look no further! This books has tons of project ideas to turn your front lawn into something more productive and eco-friendly.

Guide to Michigan Vegetable Gardening

This book is great if you just want straightforward advice for plants that you know will work well in our area. When to start seeds (it’s a lot later than you’d think!), what types of plants do well, and helpful charts to get you the best harvest yet.

Crops in Tight Spots

If you are tight on space or trying to garden in a rental, this book is packed with ideas to help you grow your own food in containers that you can take with you when you move!

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live it

Not going to lie, this is one of my favorite books in our entire collection. I checked it out so much that I had to buy a copy for myself. The author lays out how to start a homestead on any amount of property– complete with gorgeously-illustrated site plans and seasonal guides. Instructions abound for everything from tethering goats to brewing your own beer from scratch. I do not live this kind of life, but boy do I want to after thumbing through this book.