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LOVE for Little Ones

Have you ever thought about “Love?” What does it mean and how far can it go? This list of children’s books explores these questions with humor, attention, and beautiful pictures.

Can love mean more than one thing? This book explores the different ways that we experience love, from our earliest days to life’s rough patches.

In this funny tale of love, can one little robot find the courage to follow his heart? Find out in Robot in Love.

“Love, Triangle” by Marcie Colleen

Learn about how love and friendships don’t have to change when new friends come into our lives. This adorable story also helps to teach shapes and colors.

Read about how unconditional love can withstand even the most difficult days in Love, Sophia on the Moon.

How does a rocking chair connect families across generations? This sweet tale shows the power of love and family with bright and simple illustrations.

What do you love about yourself? Read this sweet book about all the wonderful parts of you. This book is also great for smaller children learning about the world around them.

“I love you” is one way to show affection, but what are some other ways? That’s what The Boy Who Loved Everyone explores in its heartwarming story of one little boy learning about love.

In this cute story, a little robot is curious to know “What is love?” Follow his adventure in Love, Z.

Get ready for a story that’s out of this world, with I’ll love you till the cows come home. How far will love go? You’ll have to read to find out.

Learn about how love survives long distances and stays with us in I love you more than…