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Scales & Tales

The books on this list feature reptiles having silly and heartwarming adventures, from joining families to solving mysteries.

You might have heard of fostering dogs and cats, but did you know some people foster reptiles? That’s right, and that’s where we meet Betty, the new foster animal for Kaita’s family.

Hearing a voice but no one there? That’s the problem the animals have around Napoleon the chameleon. What is it going to take for him to get noticed? Read on to find out!

Did you know lizards have an artistic side? Well, some of them do, like Arthur but then there’s Max, who’s on a mission to become an artist himself by any means necessary.

Go on this frightening mission with Danny Dragonbreath, as he tries to chase away the nightmares living in his friend’s head.

Find out which scaly creature has a heart big enough to adopt Owen, an orphaned hippo calf. This tale is based on a true story.

Town of Turtle is a story about building community and friendship. A few shell renovations leads to a better life for one lonely turtle.

Key Lardo follows an adventure of Chet Gecko, a reptile investigator. Unfortunately, Chet’s green with envy instead of scales. Can he solve the case of jealousy without losing his lead on another mystery? Open this book to find out.

This colorful picture book shows readers that if you can be anyone, be yourself!

No one loves watermelon as much as the crocodile in this story, but one accidental seed could change that. Don’t worry though, this silly book has a good ending and is great for early readers.

There are so many colors in the world, but one small chameleon is looking for a color of his own. Will he finally find it or end up finding something even better?