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Staff’s Best Books of 2022

Check out this recommended list of books that TCL staff loved in 2022, who knows, you might just meet your new favorite of 2023!

A solitary case-worker is assigned to an orphanage for magical children, and unfortunately, sinister secrets. Will he find family or the end of the world?

Mounting murders, an FBI investigation and an indigenous Ojibwe teen collide in Firekeeper’s Daughter, where the final question is “How far would you go for your community?” 

While the title of this book is dark, All the Living and the Dead, is not a book about gorey details, ghosts and fear. It is in fact, a book written for the living remaining and an exploration of grieving and the dignity of people even in death. 

Even good intentions can turn vicious and fatal in The Lost Apothecary. From suspicious murders in the 1700s to the rainy present day streets of London, some secrets (and poisons) can’t stay hidden. 

Nature has memory, and unfortunately for four Blackfeet Nation friends, some things are never forgotten. Past mistakes and supernatural revenge lurk in the pages of The Only Good Indians. 

Step into a future world, where an army of librarians sworn to protect books, wages a crusade to stop them from disappearing from the world’s shelves. As it turns out, being on the Library Forces requires more than a long reading list, and military training is of the essence. Who will win out: the freedom to read or an authoritarian government bent on restricting it? 

Three individuals, an orphan returning home at last, and a street musician and her friend, are about to converge on a dilapidated townhouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of London, and each has a connection to the mysterious home. While one is looking for answers, the two others are trying to protect their own secrets from emerging from a house with plenty of secrets to tell. 

This book of poetry balances the reader on a tipping point toward the apocalypse and collective redemption. However, betrayal, both private and public, has a way of sending people over the edge, but what if the edge isn’t what we think? 

This book recounts the true story of humanity’s light in the face of utter chaos and tragedy. It tells the tale of the people of Gander, Canada, who rallied around passengers grounded on an emergency stop there during the 9/11 attacks. Theirs is a story of friendship and kindness.

Strong and deep friendships have no bounds, especially that of age and time. Dreaming of Flight begins with grief and distance, but as 11-year-old Stewie finds, connection particularly with his elderly friend, Marylin, can change immovable grief to feelings of belonging and camaraderie.