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Graphic Novels

Tween Books You’ll Want to Share with Your Friends

Whether you’re a tween or not, these books appeal to so many emotions and thoughts, you’ll want to share them with a friend! Start a book club, join ours, send a long distance friend one of these and get to reading, because this list is full of good reads that go with conversation … and maybe a coffee or hot cocoa too. The Accursed Vampire by Madeleine McGrane As if being a vampire kid wasn’t tough enough, Dragoslava is also cursed by a witch, doomed to carry out her errands for the rest of their life…

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Alien Encounters

Looking for an out of this world read? Then look no further! Every book on this list features some sort of alien encounter. We've got green aliens, blue aliens, robotic aliens, and more. Aliens who want to destroy us and aliens looking for love or friendship. So keep on reading to find your next cosmic novel. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor She left her home for the stars, but found more adventure than she bargained for. A tense and intimate coming-of-age story in space. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green April May makes a video that shows her…

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Cryptid-tastic Creatures

Ever hear or see something you couldn’t explain? Like red eyes staring out from a clutch of trees, or the sounds of screaming in the night? It could be Cryptids! (Creatures not believed to exist by mainstream science). Check out these titles featuring the most popular cryptids that we love to believe in! Cryptid Club by Sarah Anderson The latest from New York Times bestselling, Goodread's Choice Award-winning, Eisner Award-nominated and Ringo Award-winning author Sarah Andersen is a delightful peek into the secret social lives of some of the world's most fascinating, monstrous, and mysterious creatures.…

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Extraordinary Books With BIPOC Main Characters

Make your next read something extraordinary by choosing a book that features a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, [or] Person of Color) main character. Below you will find some staff recommended teen and adult "must-reads". If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha Even as a girl, I knew the only chance I had was to change my face...even before a fortune-teller told me so. Kyuri is a heartbreakingly beautiful woman with a hard-won job at a room salon, an exclusive bar where she entertains businessmen while they drink. Though she prides herself on her cold, clear-eyed approach…

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Books with Gorgeous Covers Our Staff Loves

They say, "never judge a book by its cover", but here at the library we not only celebrate cover love but also encourage it! Picking a book based on the cover is completely valid. Someone (or many people) worked really hard to make that cover gorgeous. Looking at the cover first, synopsis second is also one of the easiest ways to get a reluctant reader to pick up a new book. So come on, pick up a book based on its gorgeous cover. The insides just might match. "Nightlights" by Lorena Alvarez A beautiful, mysterious graphic novel…

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Explore Lebanon

Last week, a tragic explosion in Beirut killed hundreds and left thousands injured. We know that books are one of the best ways to learn about other cultures and develop empathy for others. Here is a list of recommendations from staff member Shauna with titles that can help you explore the beauty of Lebanese culture.   Rose water & orange blossoms : fresh and classic recipes from my Lebanese kitchen I discovered this cookbook in our collection recently, and it is one of my recent favorites. Phenomenal recipes created by a Lebanese-American who grew up in Michigan.   The Hakawati An enchanting novel with…

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