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Dealing with Grief – Teens

Readers in grades 4-9 will learn what to expect as they journey through grief, including various coping strategies to help navigate through this difficult and confusing time.

This book talks about the stages of emotional grief that children face after a sibling has passed away.

For a teen, it can be especially difficult to lose a family member or friend through death. Explore the emotions involved and learn ways to get through this experience as well as how to support someone living through a loss.

Discusses the variety of forms that grief can take. It reminds readers that everybody has different responses to the death of a loved one and that those responses themselves change over time.

These engrossing stories offer first-person narratives of young adults coping with the death of someone close to them. As these teens work through their grief, they find the strength within themselves while they struggle to move on from these tragedies.

With a new Foreword by the lead singer of R.E.M., this revised edition of Gootman’s helpful guide includes new resources and a new section on losing a friend through violence. Recommended for parents and teachers of teens who have experienced a painful loss.

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