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So, what is a Circulation Clerk anyway?

Being a Circulation Clerk is a great job to have in the library. Clerks are the face of the library and they are typically the first library staff the community see when they enter the library. They check materials in and out for the library patrons and help them find the location of books throughout the collection. Some library clerks also work with processing the new materials that come in for the collection and fixing damaged items.

I asked a group of Circulation Clerks what they liked about their jobs, and these are some of their comments:

I love the fantastic camaraderie that exists in the library, especially with the other clerks”.

I’ve had so many fun interactions with patrons and it really makes my job enjoyable. Sometimes it’s even the funny little things, like when a patron mistakenly pulls out a card from their wallet that isn’t a library card. Then we both have a good laugh”.

I really enjoy getting to know the regular patrons that come in. They become familiar faces, like a cheerful friend”.

It’s fun to see the new books that are being processed for the library collection. It’s like getting presents”.

We have a great location at Taylor Community Library, because Heritage Park is right outside our door and it’s a great place to take breaks and get some sun and fresh air”.

Being city employees, we get to hear about all the fun city activities that are taking place, like festivals and farmer’s markets”.

I feel like I make a difference in the community because so many community members use the library and I get to help them out”.

It’s nice to be able to help patrons. It’s customer service but not in a traditional way because you get mostly all good experiences”.

All of the staff are so helpful and flexible”.

If you are interested in applying for this or any other positions in the library, please visit City of Taylor Careers to see what positions are currently available.